The Greyest Day of The Year

There are many grey days throughout the year, but only one can be the Greyest Day of the Year.

This year, the Greyest Day of the Year will be celebrated on November 11th. On this day we can be proud of our grey national weather.

The Greyest Day of the Year was first celebrated in 2018 when Original Long Drink, in collaboration with Foreca, determined that Finland is one of the greyest countries in Europe. The study on the Greyest Day of the Year considered everything from humidity to cloud cover and from rainfall to the amount of light.

Grey skies ahead for the whole country

This year, grey skies are expected across the country. Based on the research conducted with Foreca this year, we will reveal Finland's 100 greyest cities.

So, gather your group of friends and raise a toast to the greyness on Saturday, November 11th.