Hartwall Original
since 1952

Hartwall Original Long Drink is a refreshing mix of Finnish premium gin and grapefruit soda. The Original taste has charmed since the 1952 Helsinki Olympics.

We call it “Lonkero”

Try saying lonkero next time when you’re in a Finnish bar.

Original way to relax

There are no rules to drinking Original. But being around friends is never a bad idea.

Original Finnish summer

Original Long Drink is a true staple of Finnish summer – a classic refreshment in the midnight sunlight.

Original ice cold

Original Long Drink is best enjoyed cold. Just like our winters.

Original cocktail in a can

Original Long Drink was the world’s first gin cocktail in a can.

Finnish icon since 1952

Hartwall Original Long Drink was invented for the 1952 Helsinki Olympics. For the first time ever, Helsinki was going to be packed with visitors from all over the world. Since local restaurants didn ́t have enough manpower to serve them, Hartwall brewery came up with an innovation: a cocktail in a can, easy to serve and ready to drink.

The drink was supposed to be served only during the Olympics, but Finns fell in love with it and the production has continued ever since. Today Hartwall Original Long Drink is the most sold alcoholic beverage in Finland. Many also call it ‘the national drink of Finland’.

Original recipe

Hartwall Original Long Drink is still produced according to the original recipe from 1952 mixing Finnish premium gin and grapefruit soda.

The gin manufacturing process is carefully cherished artisan work and all the gin ingredients are hand­selected to ensure the best quality.

Hartwall Original Long Drink 5,5%

Refreshing mix of Finnish premium gin & grapefruit

Nutrition contentper 100 ml
Energy220 kJ / 53 kcal
Fat0 g
Carbohydrates5,5 g
  Of which sugars5,5 g




Vodka Lime


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